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Studio 112        

I have split my career between art education/administration and printmaking.  After completing my degree in Art Ed from the University of Oregon, I founded a K-12 school in Eugene, OR. I ran the school for five years before enrolling in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I expanded into new printmaking media.  On graduating with my Master’s degree, I ran an education program at the Oriental Institute and then that at the Shedd Aquarium of Chicago, before moving to San Francisco to be program manager at the Teacher Institute at the Exploratorium.  All three programs were at once scholarly and committed to community, which influenced my own art and my growth as a teacher.  At 112 Studio I have focused on my own projects and on teaching printmaking and painting to both students and teachers. Printmaking remains for me both a way to represent the world and its abstractions, and a vehicle with which to engage with artists and students motivated by similar aspirations.  

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